40 години Конференция

40 Years Department of Industrial Automation
Anniversary Scientific Conference with International Participation

M. Hadjiski
40 Years Theoretical and Applied Research on Process Control in Department of Industrial Automation of UCTM


M. Hadjiski
Research аnd Applications Development in Department “Industrial Automation” of UCTM During 40 Year

I. Vuchkov
Research and Applications of Theory of Experiment at Department of Industrial Automation

I. Batchkova
Reality and Challenges in the Field of Information Systems and Technologies at the Department of Industrial Automation at UCTM-Sofia


Session A1: Control of Industrial Systems

L. Çetin , E.Uyar,
Motion Control of a Mobile Manipulator using Visual Servoing

A. Grancharova , A. Johansen,
Explicit Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Based оn Orthogonal Partition: а Review

M. Hadjiski , К. Boshnakov, A. Atanasov
Supervisory Control of Wastewater Treatment Plant using Case-Based Reasoning

D. Genchev , E. Koleva, G. Elenkov, K. Velev
Automation Control System for Electron Beam Installation

V. Filipov , N. Christova, D. Ivanov
Advanced Integrated System for Manufacturing Operation Management

Session A2: Advanced Control
F. Liping, Y. Xie, K. Boshnakov
Pattern Recognition Based Optimization Control of SBR Wastewater Treatment Process

M. Petrov, S. Ahmed, A. Taneva, Y. Todorov
Fuzzy Model Predictive Control of a MIMO System

L. Tomov, E. Garipov
Generalized Method for Discretization in Digital Control Systems

K. Perev
Approximation of Pure Time Delays by Balanced Truncation

A. Yonchev, B. Gilev, D. Penev
Perturbation Analysis of the Discrete-Time LMI Based Linear Quadratic Regulator Problem

Session A3: Control of Industrial Objects    

E. Nikolov, N. Nikolova
Quality and Energy Losses of Control Systems

G. Rujekov, I. Tiyanov
Multivariable Control of Two-Dimensional Thermal Object

Ts. Slavov
Water Tank Level Adaptive Real-Time Control System

B. Gilev, A. Jonchev, D. Penev
Optimal Current in the Inductor Ensuring Desired Temperature of the Heated Detail

N. Nikolov
One Possibility for On-Off Control in Systems With Disturbance

Session D: Diagnosis    

К. Boshnakov , L. Antonov, A. Atanasov
Comparative Analysis of Software, Realized Case-Based Reasoning Diagnosis

M. Hadjiski, E Mihailov, V. Petkov
On-Line Infrared Diagnostis of Metallurgical Lade Insulation with Periodical Operation

N. Christova, V. Pojidaeva
Bearing Fault Diagnosis

N. Ivanov
Accelerometer Using in Diagnosis System for Bucket-Wheel Excavator

Session MO1: Process Modeling
I. Voutchkov , A. Keane
Multiobjective Optimization using Kriging for Industrial Applications    

D. Petrova, E. Koleva, V. Tzotchev, I. Vuchkov
Model-Based Robust Quality Improvement of Automatic Cleaning Process of IBC-Containers
A. Tzanev
Goals and Essence in Simulation Modeling of LSS

B. Ivanov, D. Dobrudzhaliev
Mathematical Model Consumption of Resources for One Stage Batch Processes

S. Penchev
Shape Description of Grain Sample Elements

Session MO2: Process Optimization     

P. Djambov, D. Shishkov, P. Bozadjiev, D. Djambov, Ts. Velinova
Integration Between High-Pressure and Low-Pressure Nitric Acid Productions

T. Stoilov , K. Stoilova
Optimal Control of Portfolio Investments

A. Nasuf, A. Bhaskar, A. J. Keane
Multi-Objective Optimization using Grammatical Evolution

P. Ruskov, A. Bachvarov
Disruptive Innovations for Energy Systems

T. Tashev , M. Marinov
Problems in Modeling Algorithm for Packet Switch Matrix to Commutate On Computers With Intel Processor Architecture

Session IS: Intelligent Systems

N. Christova , E. Koleva, K. Velev
Neural Network Based Approach for Process Optimization of Electron Beam Welding

D. Gocheva,  I. Batchkova
Ontology Based Approach for Achieving Interoperability of Manufacturing Execution Systems

M. Mladenov , M. Mustafa
Color Segmentation of Placards for Dangerous Materials

T. Balabanov
Heuristic Forecasting Approaches in Distributed Environment

B. Yanakiev
Prediction of Biodiversity in Hot Springs with Neural Networks

Session II1: Industrial Informatics (Special Session)    
I. Batchkova , I. Antonova, D. Ivanova
Approaches of Industrial Informatics for Development of Distributed Control System

G. Stambolov,  G. Popov
An Approach for Reconfiguration on the Base of IEC-61499 Standard …    

N. Zheljazkova
Integration of Information and Knowledge in Health

D. Ivanova , I. Batchkova, G. Frey
Component-Based Development of Control Systems for Batch Process Industry
I. Antonova
Application of Object-Oriented Approach in Control Systems     

H. Karamishev , G. Popov
Distributed Monitoring of Machine Tools Based on IEC 61499 Standard

Session II2: Information Technologies
K. Shvertner , K. Trampova
Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

S. Ivanov
Synchronization of Sensors via IEEE 1588 Protocol

D. Pilev, A. Georgieva
Web - Based Information System with Temporal Database

S. Gerganova-Savova, E. Racheva, V. Savova
An Approach to Building a Dynamic Web – Site, Satisfying Customer’s Requirements

A. Hotmar
Automatic Search of Information in Databases

B. Delijska, A. Ivanova
Research of Methods and Information Technologies for Calculation And Analysis Of Firm Competitiveness

Session DTE: Devices and Tools for Education     

G. Elenkov, K. Metodiev, P. Vasilev
UNISIM Design Suite R390 – Environment for Training in Modeling and Control of Technological Plants in UCTM

P. Vasilev, G. Elenkov, V. Metodiev, I. Gerdjikov
Connection Principles in Integrated Distributed Control System
M. Mladenov, G. Petkov, E. Petrov
Laboratory Research Dry Atmosphere Glove Box

G. Rujekov, V. Panaiotov
Laboratory Stand – Quadruple Tanks

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